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  • PYRAMID MIDI sequencer
  • PYRAMID MIDI sequencer
  • PYRAMID MIDI sequencer
  • PYRAMID MIDI sequencer

Pyramid MK3 sequencer


● Pyramid MK3 64-track sequencer
● Quickstart overlay
● Power supply (EU, UK, AUS or US plug)
● SD card (2gb SDHC)
● Slipcover black cotton

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Pyramid 64-track sequencer

The ultimate brain for your setup, from studio to live. 100% standalone, packed with tons of creative tools.

  • 64 polyphonic tracks, unlimited number of notes & automation
  • 12 dynamic midi effects
  • chords and scales generator
  • real-time recording and step sequencing
  • full connectivity: midi, usb device, CV/gate, dinsync

Core player

  • Maximum number of tracks played at the same time: 64
  • Maximum number of patterns per track: 32
  • Maximum number of sequences (group of tracks & patterns): 32
  • Maximum number of projects: 256
  • Maximum number of events (notes, CC, ...) per project: 10000
  • Maximum number of effects per project: 320
  • Track length: 1/4 bar (a quarter note) to 384 bars
  • Track time signature: 1/1 to 24/16 or 1:1 to 24:16
  • Recording resolution: 96ppqn
  • Tempo: 10.0 to 999.9 BPM


  • Maximum number of notes per step (polyphony): unlimited
  • Maximum number of CC automation per step: unlimited
  • Maximum number of FX automation per step: unlimited
  • Maximum number of effects per track: 5
  • Maximum number of assignations per track: 131
  • Note pitch: C-1 to G9
  • Note velocity: 0 to 127
  • Note width: 1/96th to 384 bars
  • Note Offset: 0% to 99%
  • Zoom: /4 (1 step = 4 quarter notes) to x16 (1 step = 1/64th note)
  • Automation recording, drawing, importing, exporting: CC0 to CC119, pitch, mono pressure, program change, effects parameters, BPM


  • MIDI in (to control Pyramid with a MIDI controller, multitrack or omni input)
  • Plug and play mini USB MIDI in
  • 4x CV in (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
  • 2x PEDAL in (stereo jack 6.35)


  • MIDI out A (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments) (turbo midi ready)
  • MIDI out B (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments)
  • Plug and play mini USB MIDI out (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments)
  • DYN sync out (available on the MIDI out B)
  • CV out (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
  • ENV out (secondary CV, e.g. to sequence filters) (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
  • GATE out (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]

User interface

  • 35 backlit silicon button pads
  • Menu clickable encoder
  • 5 assignable clickable encoders
  • Assignable touchpad (105x65mm)
  • White backlit high contrast LCD screen (15µm dot gap)
  • SD card slot to save your projects and upgrade the OS.


  • Power supply: mini USB bus (5V, 500mA) (included)
  • Housing: machined aluminium 2mm, dark black
  • Size: 206x268x44mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
  • Kensington security lock

Pyramid is engineered in Paris and assembled in France.


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